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Jack Canfield: America's #1 Success Coach, Speaker, Teacher, Author of The Success Principles and Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul
<b>Jack Canfield:</b>  America's #1 Success Coach, Speaker, Teacher, Author of The Success Principles and Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> The Success Principles: What It Takes to Become an Awesome You</b>
Jack Canfield
<b>Robert Bly:</b>  Poet, Author of International Bestseller 'Iron John', and Leader of the Mythopoetic Men's Movement<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> A Blessing for the Insatiable Soul of Men</b>
Robert Bly
<b>Sam Keen:</b>  Professor of Philosophy and Religion and Sought-After Lecturer<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Manhood: Sacred and Profane Visions</b>
Sam Keen
<b>Kokomon Clottey:</b>  Executive Director, Attitudinal Healing Connection; Professor; Story Teller; and Record Producer<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Bullying and Pecking Order - How We Find Our Place, and What It Costs </b>
Kokomon Clottey
<b>Neale Donald Walsch:</b>  Spiritual Messenger and Author of bestselling <i>The Conversations with God</i> Series<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> The New Role of Men in the Quest for Spiritual Awakening</b>
Neale Donald Walsch
<b>Claudio Naranjo:</b>  Renowned Psychotherapist and Pioneer of Human Potential Movement<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> End of Patriarchy and The Dawn of Wholeness</b>
Claudio Naranjo
<b>Dan Millman:</b>  Bestselling Author of<i> Way of the Peaceful Warrior</i> and other books read by millions<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> The Peaceful Warrior's Way and the Four Purposes of Life </b>
Dan Millman
<b>Robert Moore:</b>  Jungian Psychoanalyst, Theorist, and Best-selling Author of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover.<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Masculine Spirituality and Initiation: The Global Challenge </b>
Robert Moore
<b>Sequoyah Trueblood:</b>  Pipe-carrying Choctaw elder, man of peace and healing<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Balancing the Feminine and the Masculine</b>
Sequoyah Trueblood
<b>Gary Zukav:</b>  NY Times Bestselling Author, Spiritual Teacher, appeared on Oprah 30+ times<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power for 21st Century Men </b>
Gary Zukav
<b>John Friend:</b>  Founder of Anusara Yoga<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Masculine and Feminine Union -- The Core of Yoga</b>
John Friend
<b>Andrew Harvey:</b>  Renowned Mystical Scholar, Poet, Spiritual Writer, Architect of Sacred Activism<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Sacred Activism: Focusing the Sacred Masculine's Spiritual Power on Political Action</b>
Andrew Harvey
<b>John Perkins:</b>  Activist, Ex-Economic Hit Man and  New York Times Bestselling Author <br />&lst;br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Shapeshifting: Shamanic Practices to Transform Yourself and Your World </b>
John Perkins
<b>Hal Stone:</b>  Therapist, Teacher and Author<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> It's Not What You Say That Counts--It's Who In You That's Saying It!</b>
Hal Stone
<b>Gay Hendricks:</b>  Bestselling Author, Relationship Expert, The Therapists' Therapist<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> The Dear Woman Controversy (And What It Means for Men's Awakening)</b>
Gay Hendricks
<b>Satyen Raja:</b>  Founder of The Get A Life Company and WarriorSage, author of 'Living Ecstasy'<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Get It On!  Bring Your Full Presence to Everything -- from Sexual to Spiritual </b>
Satyen Raja

Are you called to be a 21st century man?

For this unprecedented virtual event, we called forth men from around the world who are boldly committed to lead in a new era - one in which masculine qualities are restored into partnership with the feminine, in which our models of work, family and relationships are ripe for renewal, change and discovery.

As men, we need to band together in a global brotherhood, educate ourselves and each other, and learn to thrive as we co-create this new culture. The new world we know is possible cannot happen without us. Do you feel called to play a role in this Shift?

Listen to FREE recordings of the Ultimate Men’s Summit where 90+ experts, authors, luminaries and teachers shared their knowledge and wisdom on 21st Century Masculinity and you will:

  • Discover how 21st Century Masculinity can best serve the world
  • Learn to partner with women in a new model of relationship
  • Activate a truly sacred, noble and powerful version of your manhood
  • Gain a new view of “success as a man” in the emerging culture
  • Learn from your elders - the men who began the Men’s Movement
  • Understand your unique psychology as a man
  • Find out how to stay alive and passionate in your relationships over time
  • Connect with other inspiring men in small group discussions
  • And much more... all empowering you to play your highest role in the great changes ahead of us!

Gain access to powerful sessions on topics such as:

  • How to Create and Cultivate 21st Century Relationships
  • Sex: The Most Fun and the Most Trouble We Can Get Into
  • Five Illusions of Manhood To Get Over - Right Now
  • Activate Your Purpose and Fulfill Your Mission in the World
  • Knights Without Armor: The Quest for the Courage to Be Vulnerable
  • What Women Need to Know about Men, and Secret Truths We Can’t Tell Them
  • The Paradox of Masculine Power: What Works is Being More Fully Yourself
  • The Warrior Spirit - An Ancient Imperative for Modern Man
  • Why Every Man Needs to be Initiated by Other Men - and Where to Go to Find It

Our goal is to get you into ACTION to improve your life and your relationships. Each session not only offers valuable information about masculinity and manhood, but also practical tools and practices you can bring directly into your life - and out into the world.

Women who want to understand and empower men are also welcome!

<b>Derrick Ashong:</b>  Oprah Radio host, Musician, Speaker, and founder of Take Back the Mic<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Popular Culture Can Change the World: Inspiring, Engaging and Activating Our Youth</b>
Derrick Ashong
<b>John Robbins:</b>  Best Selling Author, Sought After Speaker, and an Advocate for a Healthy Life<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Live With Purpose, Express Your Passion, and Change the World!</b>
John Robbins
<b>Matthew Fox:</b>  Priest, Theologian, Influential Exponent of Creation Spirituality and Bestselling Author<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Creation Spirituality: Reinventing Christianity for the 21st Century</b>
Matthew Fox
<b>Bill Kauth:</b>  Author and Co-Founder of the New Warrior Training Adventure of the ManKind Project<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> It's Time for Men and Women to Re-Connect in Community</b>
Bill Kauth
<b>Riane Eisler:</b>  Social Scientist, Speaker, Author including Bestseller <i>The Chalice and the Blade</i><br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Moving from Domination to Partnership in Every Realm -- from Sexuality to Politics</b>
Riane Eisler
<b>Jed Diamond:</b>  Men's Health Pioneer; Founder and Director of Men Alive<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Energy Medicine: The Ultimate Power Tool for 21st Century Men </b>
Jed Diamond
<b>Michael Tamura:</b>  Master Teacher, Visionary, and Pioneer of Healing & Psychic Development<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Spirit First: What We Are Before We're Men</b>
Michael Tamura
<b>Bill Plotkin:</b>  Psychologist, Wilderness Guide, and Agent of Cultural Transformation<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Nature-Based Soul Initiation: from Adolescent to Mature Masculinity</b>
Bill Plotkin
<b>Saniel Bonder:</b>  Founder of Waking Down in Mutuality School, Pioneer in Healing the Spirit/Matter Split, <br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Superlative Skills: What It Takes to Become a 21st Century Man </b>
Saniel Bonder
<b>Stephen Dinan:</b>  CEO of The Shift Network and a member of the prestigious Evolutionary Leadership Council<br /><br /><b><em>Ultimate Men&rsquo;s Summit co-host</b>
Stephen Dinan
<b>Caroline Casey:</b>  Visionary Activist Astrologer<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> High Jinx - the Trickster in Every Man</b>
Caroline Casey
<b>Arjuna Ardagh:</b>  Bestselling Author, Speaker & Awakening Coach<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> The Dear Woman Controversy (And What It Means for Men's Awakening)</b>
Arjuna Ardagh
<b>Lawrence Ellis:</b>  Complexity-science Organizational Consultant, Rhodes Scholar on Peaceful Social Movements<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Just Apes Who Kill? -  Practices for Transforming Separation from Self, Community and the Earth</b><br /><br /><b><em>and: </em></b> Gender, Sexuality, Transformation & Sacredness: The ?Changing Ones? of Indigenous Societies</b>
Lawrence Ellis
<b>Gordon Clay:</b>  Creator of - The largest website in the world on men's issues.<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Unintentional Suicide:  Claims over 500,000 Men Annually</b>
Gordon Clay
<b>Gordon Wheeler:</b>  President of Esalen Institute<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Achilles' Shield: What Homer?s Iliad Can Teach Us About Manhood, Shame and Glory</b>
Gordon Wheeler
<b>Yacine Kouyate:</b>  Musician, Historian, Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Teacher of Music and Spiritual Traditions of Africa<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Gender, Sexuality, Transformation & Sacredness: The ?Changing Ones? of Indigenous Societies</b>
Yacine Kouyate
<b>Alison Armstrong:</b>  Relationship Expert, Author and Creator of Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women? Workshops<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Understanding Women: Unlocking the Great Mystery</b>
Alison Armstrong
<b>Brian Johnson:</b>  Philosopher & CEO of en*theos, Creator of PhilosophersNotes and Founder of Zaadz<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Living with Integrity and Mastering the Fundamentals of Optimal Living</b>
Brian Johnson
<b>Steve Bhaerman:</b>  Internationally Known Author, Humorist (Swami Beyondananda), and Workshop Leader<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Spontaneous Evolution: A Pathway for Planetary Healing</b>
Steve Bhaerman
<b>Gabor Mate:</b>  Physician, Bestselling Author, and Expert on Addiction and ADD<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> When the Body Says No: The Deadly Cost of Stress </b>
Gabor Mate
<b>Michael Dowd:</b>  Author of <i>Thank God for Evolution</i>, endorsed by 6 Nobel Laureates<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> 'Evolutionize' Your Manhood, Your Life, and Your World</b>
Michael Dowd
<b>Ocean Robbins:</b>  Founder of YES!, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Facilitator<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Live With Purpose, Express Your Passion, and Change the World!</b>
Ocean Robbins
<b>Tom Pinkson:</b>  Bridge Builder, Ceremonial Retreat and Vision-Fast Leader<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> The Warrior Spirit - An Ancient Imperative for Modern Man  </b>
Tom Pinkson
<b>Keith Merron:</b>  Expert on Leadership and Organizational Development<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> The Golden Flame: How Remarkable Leaders Unleash Their Hearts and Souls </b>
Keith Merron
<b>Rick Phillips:</b>  Nationally-Recognized Educator, Speaker, and Expert on Violence Prevention<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Bullying and Pecking Order - How We Find Our Place, and What It Costs </b>
Rick Phillips
<b>Richard Strozzi-Heckler:</b>  Nationally Recognized Leadership Coach, Author of 7 books, 6th Degree Aikido Black Belt<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Embodied Leadership: The Mastery of Three Domains</b>
Richard Strozzi-Heckler
<b>Lion Goodman:</b>  Executive Coach, Workshop Leader, and Director of Men's Programs at The Shift Network<br /><br /><b><em>Ultimate Men&rsquo;s Summit co-host</b>
Lion Goodman
<b>Michael Taylor:</b>  Author, Speaker, Television/Radio Host and President and CEO of Creation Publishing Group<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Five Illusions of Manhood -- and How to Dissolve Them</b>
Michael Taylor
<b>Jim Channon:</b>  Social Architect, Philosopher, and Futurist<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Create Your Own Damn Core Identity!</b>
Jim Channon
<b>Terry Patten:</b>  Speaker, Teacher, Author of <i>Integral Life Practice</i><br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Growing Altruistic 'Balls' </b>
Terry Patten
<b>Michael Schiesser:</b>  Founder of Inner Journey Seminars, Master Facilitator<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Knights Without Armor: Modern Man's Quest for the Courage to Be Vulnerable </b>
Michael Schiesser
<b>Craig Neal:</b>  Founder of Heartland, former Publisher of Utne, Men's Wilderness Leader<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Deepen Your Vision through Journeys into Wilderness</b>
Craig Neal
<b>Robert Augustus Masters:</b>  Psychotherapist, relationship expert, and author of Spiritual Bypassing<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> 21st Century Relationships -- What It Takes To Create and Sustain Them </b>
Robert Augustus Masters
<b>Tim Kelley:</b>  Author, Teacher and Visionary Helping People Find Their Life's Purpose<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Men as Agents of Change:  The Role of the Masculine in an Evolving Society</b>
Tim Kelley
<b>Brad Leslie:</b>  A Founder of The Young Men's Adventure Weekend ? CANADA, 1990<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Who Is Looking After the Next Generation of Men?  YOU Are!</b>
Brad Leslie
<b>Wesley Thomas:</b>  Scholar, One of the World?s Foremost Authorities in Two-Spirit Identity, and First Nations Sexuality & Gender Constructions<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Gender, Sexuality, Transformation & Sacredness: The ?Changing Ones? of Indigenous Societies</b>
Wesley Thomas
<b>Michael Gurian:</b>  Pioneer in Neuro-Biology and Brain Research, Bestselling Author<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> How Different Are We?: The Remarkable Differences between Male and Female Brains</b>
Michael Gurian
<b>Warren Farrell:</b>  Chosen by Financial Times as one of top 100 Thought Leaders, Author of bestsellling Why Men Are the Way They Are<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Why We Are the Way We Are and What We Must Become</b>
Warren Farrell
<b>Herb Goldberg:</b>  Bestselling Author, Psychologist<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> What Men Still Don't Know About Women, Relationships, and Love</b>
Herb Goldberg
<b>Michael Kimmel:</b>  Leading Researcher and Writer on Men and Masculinity<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Neither Mars Nor Venus: We're All Earthlings!</b>
Michael Kimmel
<b>Ed Tick:</b>  Pioneer and Expert on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> The Cost of Violence and War on Men's Bodies, Minds, and Souls </b>
Ed Tick
<b>Anguksuar (Richard La Fortune):</b>  Activist, Organizer and Leader in First Nations (Native American) Two Spirit communities <br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Gender, Sexuality, Transformation & Sacredness: The ?Changing Ones? of Indigenous Societies</b>
Anguksuar (Richard La Fortune)
<b>Barnet Bain:</b>  Award-winning Producer and Movie Director, Radio Host<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> The Paradox of Masculine Power: What Works Is Being More Fully Yourself</b>
Barnet Bain
<b>Chris Kyle:</b>  Coach, Speaker, Founder of Global Men's Network<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Activate Your Mission! Create Your World!</b>
Chris Kyle
<b>Jayson Gaddis:</b>  Psychotherapist, Healer, Founder of Men's Leadership Training<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Transforming Ourselves Through The Power, Pain, And Beauty Of Relationship</b>
Jayson Gaddis
<b>Raz Ingrasci:</b>  President and CEO of Hoffman Institute Foundation<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Are You Merely a Productive Object? Or Are You a Whole Self? </b>
Raz Ingrasci
<b>Robert White:</b>  Executive Coach and Acclaimed Author<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Surprise! Your Identity Isn't You! </b>
Robert White
<b>Gary Stamper:</b>  Shamanic Minister and Pastorial Counselor<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> The Warrior Spirit - An Ancient Imperative for Modern Man  </b>
Gary Stamper
<b>Tripp Lanier:</b>  Coach, Entrepreneur, Artist, and Host of <i>The New Man Podcast</i><br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Find Your Purpose, Live Your Passion. It's Easier Than Struggling.</b>
Tripp Lanier
<b>Richard Platt:</b>  Mentor and Founder of Teen Solutions<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> What Young Men Need -- and Why They Rarely Get It</b>
Richard Platt
<b>Bert H. Hoff:</b>  Change Agent and Leader in Men's Empowerment Movement<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Everything I've Learned From the Men's Movement - and What I Want Every Man To Know</b>
Bert H. Hoff
<b>Mark Schillinger:</b>  Creator of The RIGHT Way?, Presenter and Performer, Founder of Young Men's Ultimate Weekend<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> The RIGHT Way for Men: Respect, Intelligence, Gallantry, Humor, True</b>
Mark Schillinger
<b>Luis J. Rodriguez:</b>  Gang Intervention Expert, Lecturer, and Author<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> The Cost of Violence and War on Men's Bodies, Minds, and Souls </b>
Luis J. Rodriguez
<b>Owen Marcus:</b>  Blogger, Author, Sculptor of Change and Catalyst for Remarkable Men<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> From Boy to Man -- What It Takes To Finally Grow Up</b>
Owen Marcus
<b>William Harryman:</b>  Writer, Personal Fitness Coach and Future Psychotherapist<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> From Boy to Man -- What It Takes To Finally Grow Up</b>
William Harryman
<b>Carista Luminare:</b>  Founder of True Self Unlimited and Co-Creator of Luminary Leadership Initiations for Men, Healer and Consultant<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Confused About Love?  Let's Start With the Basics</b>
Carista Luminare
<b>Demetri Velisarius:</b>  Prana Flow Yoga Teacher and Social Worker; Teaches Worldwide with his Partner Shiva Rea<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Relationship With A Tigress: Strong Women and the Yogic Tradition</b>
Demetri Velisarius
<b>Jim Benson:</b>  Relationship and Coaching Expert <br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Sex: The Most Fun We Can Have and the Most Trouble We Can Get Into</b>
Jim Benson
<b>Paul Dobransky:</b>  Radio and TV Personality, Author and Psychiatrist<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Mature Masculine Power</b>
Paul Dobransky
<b>Britta Johnson:</b>  Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Co-Founder of Noble Man Workshop<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Knights Without Armor: Modern Man's Quest for the Courage to Be Vulnerable </b>
Britta Johnson
<b>Jeffrey Leiken:</b>  Internationally Recognized Expert in the Field of Helping Teens and Young Adults<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> What Young Men Need -- and Why They Rarely Get It</b>
Jeffrey Leiken
<b>David Richo:</b>  Psychotherapist, Workshop Leader, and Author <br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> 21st Century Relationships -- What It Takes To Create and Sustain Them </b>
David Richo
<b>John Welwood:</b>  Clinical Psychologist, Author and Major Figure in Transpersonal Psychology and East/West Psychology<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> The Power of Embodied Presence</b>
John Welwood
<b>Mikki Willis:</b>  Filmmaker, Activist, Humanitarian<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Don't Just Entertain. Elevate: Challenging Filmmakers to Change the World </b>
Mikki Willis
<b>Bryan Bayer:</b>  Change Agent and CEO of Authentic World<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Sex: The Most Fun We Can Have and the Most Trouble We Can Get Into</b>
Bryan Bayer
<b>Martin Ucik:</b>  Integral Relationship Evolutionary<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> 21st Century Relationships -- What It Takes To Create and Sustain Them </b>
Martin Ucik
<b>Dan Doty:</b>  Coach and Mentor for Young Men, Writer, Wilderness Guide and Instructor<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> What Young Men Need -- and Why They Rarely Get It</b>
Dan Doty
<b>Ronn Landsman:</b>  Businessman, Husband, Teacher, and Founder of A New Chivalry at<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Knights Without Armor: Modern Man's Quest for the Courage to Be Vulnerable </b>
Ronn Landsman
<b>Adam Gilad:</b>  Dating and communication expert, teacher, speaker, writer, film producer, entrepreneur, and spiritual adventurer.<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> Enlightened Boldness: How to Take the Lead So She Can Follow</b>
Adam Gilad
<b>Jeffrey Armstrong:</b>  Teacher of Vedic Wisdom, Vedic Astrologer, Author and Public Speaker<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> (Morning Practice) Invocation and Mantra Meditation for Men</b>
Jeffrey Armstrong
<b>David Kaar:</b>  Leadership Trainer and Facilitator<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> (Morning Practice) A Taste of Mondo Zen: The Way of the Question</b>
David Kaar
<b>Paul Elam:</b>  Advocate for men's rights for 25 years.   Creator of 'A Voice for Men' website and radio program.<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> A Conversation About Men's Rights: Why Some Men Are Angry About Feminism</b>
Paul Elam
<b>Greg Cortopassi:</b>  Transformation Leader, Catalyst and founder of The Miracle Network <br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> (Morning Practice) Activating Your 21st Century Masculinity -- Igniting Your Next Phase</b>
Greg Cortopassi
<b>Howard Spierer:</b>  Past President of Men's Divisions International, practicing attorney, and playwright.  <br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> (Evening Campfire) Accountability: Acting from Commitment Instead of Obligation</b>
Howard Spierer
<b>Josie Lehrer:</b>  Founder/Director of the award-winning Men's Story Project; Public Health Researcher and Group Facilitator<br /><br /><b><em>Topic:</em></b> (Evening Campfire) Telling Your Story for Personal Healing and Social Change</b>
Josie Lehrer

We are living through one of history’s great transitions - a major shift in social and cultural consciousness where institutions and structures of the past have been turned on their heads.

The 5,500-year history of domination and control is coming to an end, and it’s clear we need a new model to replace it. Men seem to be caught between these two worlds: the old culture for which we’ve been trained, and the emerging culture we have yet to be prepared for.

The truth is that even while men often wielded more power in the last era, it was often a harsh, isolating and punishing world for us. The opportunity is now before us to create something far more life-affirming, free and alive.

So how do men fit into and lead in this brave, new uncertain world? How do we live a life of purposeful fulfillment, and make the greatest impact possible? And how do we relate to women and to rising feminine leadership and wisdom?

Our answer is to bring together as many men as possible into deep conversation with experts and each other to engage in this emerging model of 21st Century Masculinity, which builds upon the masculine virtues of the past to create a higher synthesis. These leaders came together in the largest virtual global gathering for men - all for free - with the Ultimate Men’s Summit.

Join us and you’ll learn from top transformational leaders such as Robert Bly, Sam Keen, Herb Goldberg, Neale Donald Walsch, Dan Millman, Jack Canfield, Andrew Harvey, and more than 90 other luminaries. The Ultimate Men’s Summit is hosted by the Founder of The Shift Network, Stephen Dinan, and by Lion Goodman, Shift’s Director of Men’s Programs.

Our goal with the Ultimate Men’s Summit is to empower each one of you to take a stand for what we are co-creating together. We must help our culture re-balance itself, clear outdated stories and create a more harmonious relationship with the earth and with one other.

As we each free ourselves, we can create a life of joy and service to humanity. But we must grow ourselves first, heal the damage of the past, then reach out and serve others. We are all in this together, and we need to support our brothers, and the young men that are growing up in this emerging world.

So, join us - just enter your name and email in the box to the right, and you’ll gain access to every session of the Ultimate Men’s Summit.

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